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Liquid Piping System operation and energy evaluation


For avoiding energy loses in piping systems for liquids the purpose of the system have to be evaluated.

The operation of each component in the system must operate correct and the function must be tailored for the actual operation.

Many piping system for liquids have been designed for specific operational criteria's where energy is loses due to interaction between different systems which haven't been optimised for the specific operation pattern.

Performance evaluation and operational changes

  • System review for possible energy savings
  • Liquid flow measurements and system performance evaluation
  • Review of system operation and system energy consumption
  • Training operators for enabling energy savings and planning possible upgrades
  • Return of Investment calculations for justifying upgrades
  • Change of system design and prepare new operation procedures.
  • Prepare documentation for class approval
  • Installation and testing of upgraded system and prepare operational procedures and training of the system operators

TechConsult offers the following services.

Flow system performance and energy evaluation





Prepare documentation for class approval and function description

Planning installation of new equipment, function testing and final commissioning

Training system operators and prepare maintenance instructions

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